AquaBotix 8GB HydroView Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle Video & HD Photos


- LED lights.
- 8 GB Memory Card
- HD camera.
- Standard 75 foot cable.
- Waterproof carrying case.
- Topside box which produces vehicles Wi-Fi.
- Free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer.

HydroView's design was created by our engineers who were inspired by the sleek movements of marine life, inventing a product that flies through the underwater world. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the HydroView offers a one of a kind experience in an extremely portable and entertaining package. Simply drive the HydroView via motion-control on your iPad or the keyboard on your laptop and the vehicle will respond in the appropriate direction, translating your device movements into vehicle action. The HydroView even generates its own Wi-Fi, saving you the frustration of searching for a signal while on the water. The easy-to-use on screen display of the application makes its features very intuitive.The HydroView is your window into an exciting and invigorating underwater world, providing you with a measure of safety and the opportunity to discover and explore.

- View Hull
- View Fish
- Sleep Soundly
- Assess Ruder
- Inspect Anchor
- Check Propeller
- Secure Your Boat
- Entertain

- Inspect Sea Floor
- Evaluate Sea Wall
- Examine Lobster Pots
- Check Live Bait Cages
- Determine Water Depth
- Analyze Progress Done On A Project
- Inspect Underwater Cabling Support Systems
- Determine Strap Placement Before Removing Boat From Water