Bonika D5 Beauty Salon Styling Hair Cutting Silk 5" Crane Shears / Scissors


The Bonika Silk Model D5 with a crane offset handle is our most popular of all our Bonika Shears. Consistently, cut after cut the Silk Scissors give you sharpness and smoothness unmatched by other shears. We import these shears made with superior high rockwell Japanese steel to bring you the highest consistent quality It is priced for a beginning stylist but has the quality, longevity and cut that an "old pro" demands. Choose this shear if you normally cut thumb down. This is the method of palm to palm cutting most taught in USA beauty schools. If you hold your shear like this, the Bonika Silk Shears Model D with the crane handle will place your shoulder and elbow in a more relaxed position. If you cut thumb up as is common with an older stylist and foreign trained stylists you may not like the crane handles and may prefer the Bonika Silk Model A. Screw color is purple. The Silk scissors include a free leather case and a lifetime warranty, 90 days accidental damage and 30 days satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

This is what Felicia Pollard says about her shears
- "I love my D55 Bonika Silk Shears. You know how smooth it feels when you run your hand over a fine silk scarf, that's the way it feels when I cut my clients hair.
Includes your choice of a free black or pink case