Open Air Cinema E25 25' x 14' Inflatable Elite Theater Projection Screen


The most popular of our Open Air Elite Screens, the 25'x14' Open Air Screen is large enough to accommodate 1,000 viewers spread out on blankets! Whether you are showing a thriller in a forested park, a romance overlooking your city, or a comedy with 1,000 of your closest friends this screen is your perfect solution. The attractive price and impressive size make this screen an incredible value.

- Durable: Heavy Duty 1400 x 1400 Denier PVC material. Double/Triple reinforcements at pressure points.
- Self-inflating: inflates in minutes with no hands needed (under normal weather conditions).
- Optimized for outdoor viewing: theatrical-grade projection surface with black backing
- Stable: structure withstands winds up to 30 mph. Blower keeps internal pressure constant.
- Bungee cord connection design prevents wind damage.
- Lightweight: safe and easy to transport and store.
- Cost efficient: short setup time, no structure permits needed, reduces storage and transport costs.
- Proven: one screen used for over 10 years in 100's of events.
- Three year warranty: under normal wear and weather conditions.

- 32'x24' Inflatable Frame
- 25'x14' Projection Surface
- Blower
- High Tension Ropes (8)
- Rust-Free Steel Stakes (4)
- Sledgehammer
- Protective PVC Storage Bag
- Repair Kit
- Manual