QuietKat Hunter AP 48V 20AH Lithium Ion Electric Off Road Hunting Vehicle


FEATURES: 48V 20AH Lithium Battery Pack & Charger Capable of additional battery for double range QK TC65 Motor *NEW 18 FET Controller *NEW Range 20 to 25 Miles with one battery Capable up to 50 miles with use of an additional battery Top Speed is 23 mph Top Power is 5,000 watts 4� Knobby Front Tire 4� Knobby Rear Tires Weight Supporting Rear Rack Rear Mud Guards Front Handle Bar Bag Advance Throttle *NEW Reverse Rear Width 32� *NEW Max Length 65� *NEW Min Height 32� Weight, approx. 130lbs Recommended weight carrying load Up to 225 lbs. (rider and gear) ALL VEHICLES INCLUDE: Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension Fork Rear Suspension Front Mud Fairing Swing Arm, Lean Technology Digital Display , V3 Power Controller Throttle Seat Folding Stem & Handle Bar On / Off Switch Hydraulic Disc Brake Front & Rear 1 year warranty