QuietKat Prowler 60V 20AH Lithium Ion Battery Electric Off Road Hunting Vehicle


FEATURES: 60V 20AH Lithium Battery Pack & Charger Capable of additional battery for double range QK TC65 Motor *NEW 18 FET Controller Range 20 to 25 Miles with one battery Capable up to 50 miles with use of an additional battery Top Speed is 27 mph Top Power is 6,000 watts 4� Knobby Front Tire 4� Knobby Rear Tires Advance Throttle *NEW Reverse Rear Width 32� *NEW Max Length 63� *NEW Min Height 32� Weight, approx. 125lbs Recommended weight carrying load Up to 275 lbs. (rider and gear) ALL VEHICLES INCLUDE: Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension Fork Rear Suspension Front Mud Fairing Swing Arm, Lean Technology Digital Display , V3 Power Controller Throttle Seat Folding Stem & Handle Bar On / Off Switch Hydraulic Disc Brake Front & Rear 1 year warranty