Bike Tow Leash Extra Clamp Knobs And Plate

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New Bike Tow Leash Extra Clamp Knobs And Plate

Just in case you want to use your Bike Tow Leash on a bike with disc brakes and it takes a little longer to install. Replacement clamp and Knobs if you lost yours on the trail. Additional spacer plate lets you leave the clamp safely on the bike for even quicker BTL installs. Great for some installations with disc brakes as in photo.

  • American Pet Association 5 star safety approved for safely riding with your dog
  • For energetic dogs weighing from 10 to 185 pounds
  • Prevents tipping, tangling and steering sideways through unique design that takes in to account the laws of physics
  • Fits on left side of most bikes, trikes and mobility scooters
  • Made in the USA with Solar Power


(No reviews yet) Write a Review