Bike Tow Leash Standard Length Orange

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New Bike Tow Leash Standard Length Orange

Ride safe; with your dog(s) Yellow Standard length Bike Tow Leash with standard clamp recommended for bikes, trikes & mobility scooters. Amazingly fun and stable, the BTL prevents tiping and tangling making biking with your dog enjoyably stress free and rewarding. The BTL automatically reacts to the dogs movements as you would with an extra arm mounted low on your bike. It has a shoulder , elbow and wrist resilient barrier between your dog and bike to protect and gently communicate bike direction and speed changes. No special training is needed for dogs 10 to 185 pounds. The Bike Tow Leash comes with use and instructions and mounts without tools in less than 1 minute to LHS of bicycles. On some bikes and trikes, right side mounting requires an additional accessory from When choosing color, for safety, we recommend a contrast between Bike Tow Leash color and bike so people can see your dog(s) are attached to your bike. Fits on both sides of wide tire bikes with or without disc brakes. Attaches directly to trikes with a single rear wheel and mobility scooters. For adult trikes with two rear wheels the Adult Trike Adapter is required. For special needs wheel chairs, use the Special Needs Bike Tow Leash Shortened for Wheel Chairs.

  • American Pet Association 5 star safety approved for safely riding with your dog
  • For energetic dogs weighing from 10 to 185 pounds
  • Prevents tipping, tangling and steering sideways through unique design that takes in to account the laws of physics
  • Fits on left side of most bikes, trikes and mobility scooters
  • Made in the USA with Solar Power


(No reviews yet) Write a Review