Big Moss Golf SUPER G 6' X 15' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 6 Cups


The Big Moss Golf Super G TW 6'x 15' 6 Cups. Now you can Challenge yourself up-grain and down-grain putts, chips, breaking putts. Build Confidence and Aiming Abilities!! The Super G TW 6' x 15' 6 Cup Green includes 6 Regulation Size Cups with 2" or 3" hole reducers and plugs included for every hole! Plug the Regulation Cups with reducers and putt at the 2" or 3" cup for accuracy then putt at the Regulation Cups.. They look Huge!! Your Brain tells you its Big, I Can't Miss!! Your Confidence will go through the Roof!!! Its Truly Amazing how much better you will Putt on the Course!! This is a Proven Technique that has been used by Pro Golfers for Years! This game is ALL ABOUT MAKING PUTTS!!