• BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Therapy Blanket 15lb Grey

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    5 Reasons to Buy Blanquil
    Part Weighted Blanket, Part Quilt, 100% Amazing
    Blanquil™ uses the scientific concept of "compression therapy" - basically the idea that being hugged creates happy feelings. Happy feelings lower stress levels and allow the body and mind to relax. 
    Dogs and Kids Benefit from Compression Therapy - Why Can't You?
    Ever hear of those weighted vests for anxious pups? Or the ones for little tikes? Isn't it about time somebody made something that awesome for you?
    The Quilted Cover is Impossibly Soft
    Go ahead, rub Blanquil™ against your cheeks. It feels like hugging a baby bunny!
    Matches any Color Scheme
    The neutral gray and taupe colors are designed to match any decor. 
    Easy to Wash
    The removable, quilted cover zips off and can be tossed right in the washing machine. It's dryer safe too - which is a big plus on laundry day!


    BLANQUIL is a premium grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that utlizes the power of deep touch stimulation to effectively support the body. Engineered to be around 8-15% of your body weight, BlanQuil helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held. This relaxation increases the release of serotonin and melatonin levels all while decreasing cortisol levels - resulting in an improved mood and restful sleep. 

    Weighted blankets have been used in the medical community for decades now and the measurable health benefits have begun to emerge in scientific studies. So far, the findings have been incredible.

    BlanQuil uses the power of proprioceptive input, more commonly known as “deep touch pressure stimulation”, a well regarded therapeutic method that stimulates pressure points on the body linked to improved sleep, mood, and relaxation.

    BlanQuil is designed to hug you back at night, closely mimicking how a parent cradles their child while they sleep. But BlanQuil isn’t just for sleep. It can be used while you’re reading in bed, as you relax on your couch, or while you meditate.

    BlanQuil Blanket's weighted filling is a High Density Plastic Poly Pellet. The material is odorless, non-toxic, and food grade, making it perfectly suited for use in a blanket. They are dense to add weight, and soft to provide a nice texture to the BlanQuil Weighted Blanket. High Density Plastic Pellets are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is extremely durable, non-toxic, washer / dryer safe, and pet and kid friendly.

    The world around you is a stressful place. The barrage of news headlines. The incessant push notifications. The demands of your job. It’s never been harder to turn your mind off, relax, and recharge. We know your anatomy is unique, which is why we’ve engineered BlanQuil to meet your personal needs. This isn’t a weighted blanket for everyone. It’s a weighted blanket for you.