Bonika DL50 Beauty Salon Styling Left Handed Silk Shears / Scissors


Finally! Lefty's have a great 5" offset shear at a great price. We've had so many requests for a shear just like this one and we finally created one for you. This is a true left-handed shear ... in other words, it crosses backwards. This means you can cut effortlessly with less strain on your left hand without using a "crab grip." This is a great shear that will last through your career. The stainless steel is Japanese and the edge is the smooth gliding Japanese convex that allows you shears to glide through the hair. Don't let their prettiness fool you. These are hardy shears and are at home in a high style downtown salon as they are in a suburb fast hair cut shop. We know you'll like them. If you have trouble adjusting to a true lefty shear, our suggestion is to use less pressure, relax your hand and let the shears do the work. You'll find they cut better that way. We love these shears and we think you will, too.

As with other Bonika Shears, this shear includes:

- Free 6 pocket case
- Life Time Warranty
- 30 Day Satisfaction guaranteed return policy
- 1 Year Accidental Damage Policy
- And the pride of owning a genuine Bonika Shear you will want to use with every haircut.
- We think you'll be convinced this is a great tool after just one haircut.