Bonika E55 Beauty Salon Styling Hair Cutting ProMaster Shears / Scissors


The ProMaster Feels Like an Extension of Your Hand!
Have you ever wanted your cutting to be effortless as if your shears were an extension of your hand? When you require your shears to give you a precise detail cut or to slide cut, wouldn't it be nice if your shears could perform effortless? That's what we thought, too, and that is why we created the ProMaster Shears.

- Forged Japanese hand-honed steel.
- Most popular length - 5.5"
- Super sharp convex edge
- Butterflied handles with the thumb ring bent for ultimate control and comfort.
- Non-slip finish handleOne of our lightest, smootheset shears.
- Free 6 pocket case
- Life Time Warranty
- 30 Day Satisfaction guaranteed return policy
- 1 Year Accidental Damage Policy
- And the pride of owning a genuine Bonika Shear you will want to use with every haircut.
- Derek J. - "I use Bonika ProMaster shears while in competition, when I am teaching and on stage and they never fail." Derek is the 2007 Winner of the Bronner Brother's Hair Battle Royal and numerous other competions.
Includes your choice of a free black, blue or pink case