Bonika EASYC6 Beauty Salon Styling Hair Cutting Easy Shears / Scissors


Bonika Easy Shear

The easy shear is so named for its simplicity of function and design. If there was ever a universal shear that fits most hands, this is the shear. The unique feature is that it is easily converted by simply moving the finger rest over to be comfortable for both left and right handed hair cutters.

While the switching of the finger rest will not make this a true left handed shear which crosses backwards, it will make it comfortable for most left handed stylists. We have found that the majority of left handed stylists in the United States have learned to cut hair using right handed shears and find it almost impossible to switch to a left handed shear. This shear will work well for those left handed stylists who find it difficult to use a true left handed shear. It is also an excellent shear for a right handed stylist.

If you are buying a shear as a gift for someone else and are not sure what would work for them, this is the shear I would recommend. If they don't like it, this shear as all other Bonika brand scissors, left handed or right handed comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

- 6" even handle
- Hand honed, smooth Japanese convex edge
- Hitachi 440C steel
- Adjustable black facet screw
- Screw-in bumper
- Fully forged stainless steel
- Includes case
- Lifetime warranty