Bonika FB6 Beauty Salon Styling Hair Cutting Fishbone Razoring Shears / Scissors


Available in Left or Right Handed Models. Fall in love with a shear again! Texture is what this shear is about inside and out. The strange fishbone razorback type spine on the blade exposes the cutting edge of the blade when the shear is closed allowing the shear to perform in a razor like fashion for slithering and fringing particularly around the face. This will not be as aggressive as a razor, but will create softer textures, different with each side of the blade. The open shear has gently curving blades which allows for more movement when slicing and point cutting. These are the features of what the shear does, this is how we designed the shear to do these things...

- Special razor guard spine for slithering
- Japanese cobalt steel
- Ergonomically designed butterfly bent thumb hole and comfortable fixed finger rest
- Long sleek 6" design
- Special design screw to allow the blades to lay closer together to prevent hair snags
- Includes life time warranty and accidental damage policy
- Includes your choice of a free black, blue or pink case
Yancey Edwards says, "This shear is the BOMB! Don't try to think of it as a shear or as a razor .. it's something entirely different. You use it in addition to your shear and razor." Featured on TV...Oxygen Channel new reality show for hairtyling competition TeaseAlso Item is featured on this DVD Carribbean Quick Cuts Note: there are other shears called "Fishbone" of inferior material and workmanship. They will not cut like the Original Bonika Fishbone.
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