Bonika I2 Beauty Salon Styling Hair Cutting International-I2 Shears / Scissors


This is the newly redesigned International Shear for multicultural hair.

- 6 inch length shear
- Unique "Bonika Tip" which allows for straight no-slip cutting of any texture of hair. This tip allows you to slide cut and precise cut with one shear.
- comfortable internationlly designed handle. Cuts all the way down to the tip with no pushing.
- 440C Japanese steel and forgings
- Smooth action, sharp edges
- Thinner has 30 unique no cut-mark invisible blending teeth
- This was the original shear designed by Bonika, inspired by the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that launced our family of shears in 1997.
- Life time guarantee, 12 month accidental damage
- Includes 6 pocket black case Price per shear. Select shear or thinner.