Bonika TWL Beauty Salon Lefty Silk Twisters Swivel Thumb Shears / Scissors


Lefties can Twist, turn and twirl ...
This swivel thumb shear is great for getting into those hard to reach angles with ease and comfort to your wrists, shoulders and hands. Our new "Silk" model of the swivel thumb Twister is rugged enough for those who cut in a fast paced cutting environment. We recommend for high volume, heavy handed cutters. It has a little more feeling of control with a stiffer movement in the thumb pivot than our other more expensive swivel thumb shears.


- Silky smooth operation
- Easy to adjust amythest thumg screw
- 440C Japanese cast steel
- Comfortable for the hand and arm
- Free scissor case This is a TRUE left handed shear where the blades cross left to right instead of right to left. This is the easiest of the left handed shears to get used to if you have never cut with a left handed shear. 5.75" inlength