CaddyTrek CT2000R2 RED Remote Controlled Golf Bag Cart Caddy


The CaddyTrek gives players options with its multi-mode handset. Players can operate the unit in remote, follow, or like a manual push cart. In remote, golfers can send the unit on to the next tee up to a range of 100 feet and at a top speed of 4 mph. When the player attaches the handset to his waistline and initiates follow mode, the unit remains at a distance of 6 paces behind the player, adjusting to the pace of the player�s stride.

Included Standard Equipment:
The CaddyTrek comes with everything the golfer needs to start playing right out of the box. Included with the CaddyTrek are the following:

1x � 24v Lithium Ion Battery
1x � Battery Charger
1x � Handset Remote
1x � Handset Battery
1x � Firmware Cable
1x � 1 year of service and support