CartTek GRX-965LiB Silver Electric Ion Battery Golf Trolley - Aluminum Frame


The GRX-965Li is our newest electric golf caddie in the non remote lineup for courses with hills. Be the first to get moving with our latest Electric Golf Trolley. This electric golf caddie will be the new entry level for the non remote controlled electric golf caddies. Choose the optional AMB or Downhill braking system that will save your knees on those steep courses. The downhill braking gives this electric golf caddy an advantage. It does not run away on the downhill slopes. Turning the speed dial back slows the cart down so that it does not pull you down the hill. The Lithium battery slips into your bag on this electric golf trolley so that many people will not even know that it is a power cart. A battery basket is available if you choose to mount the lithium battery to the frame of the cart.