Crazy Coolers BLUE 4Stroke Motorized All Terrain 49CC Cooler w/ Wheelie Bar


The reliable 49cc engine provides the right mix of power and speed. Our coolers have a unique mounting system built into the cooler body which allows secure mounting. The 48L cooler with drain and locking lid are great. The seating position is comfortable so hop on your cooler and go. So portable you will take it everywhere. Grab yours today.FEATURES:- MOTORIZED COOLER W/ 4/STROKE ENGINE, 49CC, 2+HP - 4 WHEEL STABILITY MADE FOR ALL TERRAIN CONDITIONS- 48L LOCKING COOLER- FENDERS, RUNNING BOARDS- WHEELIE BAR AND SAFETY BUMPER- ON/OFF SWITCH- DISC BRAKES - RAC & PINION STEERINGThe Wheelie bar is completely unique in the market. The design allows you to ride a wheelie without flipping the cooler over. This just enhances your ride. In addition, the wheelie bar acts a bumper protecting the engine from damage. Pretty cool if you like attention because everyone will be shocked as you ride a wheelie down the road. Tough? Crazy Coolers are designed to take a beating in all terrains. The frame is square steel with ability to withstand any abuse. Four wheels to tackle everything you can throw at it but safely. The all terrain knobby tires give you traction in all conditions so you can take your cooler everywhere. The idea was to make the cooler how I would want it made, to endure. The high ground clearance allows you to enjoy your trail riding and off road craziness. Conditions from mud, snow,to sand, you will be impressed, both rear wheels are drive wheels so it goes!Powerful? The engine we use is one of the most widely produced engines in the world. We upgraded years ago to this engine because of its strong track record. This 49cc, 4-stroke engine with special gearing for Crazy Coolers is designed to give you a strong, safe, fun, and reliable performance. The 4-stroke allows the cooler to start every time. No batteries to give out, No mixing the gas and oil, keep it simple and reliable. This is the proper mix of power and speed that works!