Eskimo Silvertip 16500 Lightweight Curved Blade 8" Ice Fishing Hand Auger


The Eskimo Silvertip hand auger takes the work out of ice fishing. The CNC ground curved blades put the cutting edge of the Silvertip in precisely the right position for easy and effective cutting. As a result, Silvertip augers tunnel through the ice, requiring minimal down force. Just turn the handle, and let this beautifully designed auger do the rest. The Silvertip blades are formed from a high carbon martensitic stainless steel used most often for knife blades. The hardness and wear resistance of the Silvertip blades are further enhanced by post forming heat treatment. All the work that we put into designing the new Silvertip auger results in less effort when you�re out on the ice. FEATURES: - Blade protector extends the life of the blade (included) SPECIFICATIONS: - Auger Length: 49"-58" (Adjustable) - Cutting Diameter: 8" - Blade Style: Curved Blades - Handle Design: 2-Piece Pommel - Weight: 8 lb - Warranty: 1-Year Limited