Gatorz Magnum Blackout Frame Sunglasses w/ Inferno Photochromic Lens


Gatorz Inferno lens series utilize state of the art photochromic fusion technology, where the photochromic activity takes place below the surface of the lens, encapsulated within impact resistant polycarbonate layers. Unlike traditional photochromic lens, which utilizes an exterior coating, the encapsulated photochromic dye is protected from the elements and hence optimized for superior transitional performance. As the photochromic dye it protected from exposure to the environment, the lifespan of our photochromic lens is greatly improved and more superior. When indoors, our Inferno lens provides a crystal clear vision with superior optics. Once exposed to sunlight, a reaction occurs within our Inferno lens, darkening the tint and reducing light transmission from passing through, providing the user with an all encompassing utility lens for every kind of activities under any weather conditions.