Kenchii Professional Collection EOA575 Oasis 5.75" Hair Shears / Scissors


- Kenchii precision convex edge.
- High carbon alloy Japanese stainless steel.
- Flush mount classic compact assembly.
- Offset handle with anatomical thumb design provides greater comfort and control.
- Permanent molded finger rest.
- Rockwell: 54--55

Level 1:
Kenchii level 1 products are great for beginners and everyday stylists. They provide exceptional value for your money without sacrificing quality and performance. This entry level Japanese stainless steel has good hardness, corrosion resistance and is able to keep a great egde.
Rockwell: 54--55

Rockwell hardness testing is a general method for measuring the hardness of metallic materials. In this test, a load is applied to set a diamond cone or a hardened steel ball in the surface of the metal. The hardness is measures by depth of the penetration