Killerspin 100-26 RTG Series-Diamond CQ Edition Table Tennis Paddle Flared


For professional ITTF-competition approved play, tennis table players need paddles with the tightest possible specifications, perfect surfacing, top-line durability and a healthy serving of style and precision. Killerspin Diamond line provides across-the-board design excellence with paddles that professionals can depend on for speed,performance and control in tournament play. The Diamond CQ RTG table tennis racket is an advanced competition racket designed for ping pong players who enjoy an ultra-fast dynamic game. It is a custom designed pre-assembled racket made by Killerspin and built to meet all tournament quality standards to increase the level of your game. Killerspin was built to bring youth and innovation to one of the world's most beautiful sports, and to serve the table tennis player. The Chicago-based firm produces premium-quality table tennis equipment, sports apparel and media.