R&V Works FF1 2.5 Gallon Single Basket Portable Cajun Deep Fryer w/ Caddy


The FF1 is great for patio cookouts, tailgating, or traveling with you in your RV trips. Easy to clean and compact for simple storage. This is one of our most popular models and it is economically price for most budgets. The 2.5 Gallon 90,000 BTU Cajun Fryer is a single basket Cajun Fryer that will feed 12 to 15 people per hour. This is the perfect sized Cajun Fryer for a small family. This Cajun Fryer includes a Cajun Fryer thermometer and 3/4 inch drain valve for easy clean out.The Cajun Fryer has a fire that burns inside the tubes to heat the oil. Since heat rises, the Cajun Fryer cooking chamber is able to reach temperatures sufficient enough to fry any type of food. The meal and sediments collect in the Cajun Fryer's VEE bottom below the burner tube which is the coolest area in the Cajun Fryer. The temperature in the VEE never exceeds 120 degrees, even though the cooking chamber maintains 250 degrees for hours. The design of all the Cajun Fryers are to have an estimated 70% reduction in oil use. The oil stays clean and food always tastes good with the Cajun Fryer. The Cajun Fryer people recommend changing your oil after 25 - 30 normal cooking's and strain oil every five cooking's. (That ain't a typo!) This model comes set up for liquid propane, but is field convertible for use with natural gas. To easily move it into place, it also comes with a stand with 8" wheels.The Cajun Fryer basket has a nickel plated finish and are made to last. The long, lasting rugged construction makes this deep fry basked perfect for use with the Cajun Fryer. The Cajun Fryer basket has evenly distributed wire mesh for perfect frying every time. It also includes a cool touch handle that stays cool while frying. FEATURES: - Single basket Cajun Fryer - Oil Capacity : 2.5 Gallons - Basket Size : 11 x 5 3/8 x 4 1/8 - Feeds 12 - 15 people per hour