R&V Works FF220GC 4 Gal 2 Basket Portable Cajun Deep Fryer 20" Grill Combo


Cajun Fryer and 20" Grill Combo. Outdoor grillers can get the best of both worlds with this combo unit that has both the FF2-20GC twin basket fryer and a 20" grill. Now you can watch a steak simmer on the grill while smelling pounds of catfish fry to perfection with this fryer-grill combo. This unit is ideally used for any large party or outdoor cooking event.FEATURES:- FF2 Regular 2-Basket Fryer - Oil Capacity: 4 Gallons - Basket Size-11 x 5 3/8 x 4 1/8 - Feed 25-30 people per hour - Fried Turkey : Breast Only