SENSEI Q50 Fuji More Z 5.0" Convex Edge Salon Hair Shears / Scissors


Fuji shears are famous in Japan for their durability and precision. This factory may be the only one in Japan, where the owner is a master craftsman. They use the finest equipment and the finest materials. These are shears for the very discerning stylist who can appreciate the highest in quality. The More Z series, makes use of the finest Cobalt/Molybdenum blade steel. This combined with Fuji craftsmanship put the More Z shears in the top tier of quality available todaFeatures:
- MATERIAL: Cobalt/Molybdenum Alloy
- HANDLE: Opposing Grip
- TENSION: Leaf Spring
- FINGER REST: Removable
- LENGTH: 5 inches
- Convex Edge
- Sword blade for extra strength with coarse hair