SENSEI RV525 Revo 5.25" Crane Rotating Thumb Salon Hair Shears / Scissors


Everything about REVO is state of the art. The steel is the finest cobalt/molybdenum alloy in the world. We are the only company to ever crygoenically temper this grade of steel. You could stop there and make a case for these as the best. The tension is controlled by a ball bearing leaf spring system that will feel like new for years and years. Metal to metal wear in the pivot is eliminated by our Polymer Glide pivot glides. The handle is a high tech version of our tribute to the original Hineta crane design, simply beautiful. The rotating handle turns effortlessly on a sealed ball bearing assuring years and years of outrageous performancFeatures:
- Work Safe: Hand Open and Elbow Down
- Cobalt / Molybdenum Alloy Stays Sharp Longer, ReSharpens Better
- Polymer Glid: Eliminates Metal to metal contact in the pivot Super smooth cutting felling
- Ball Bearing Tension System. Stabilizes the blade for longer edge life. Rolling bearing make for smoother feel.
- Permanent Finger Rest
- Convex Edge Cuts Smoother, slides cuts better, last longer
- Rotating Crane Handle: Cut with your elbow down during every technique.
- Cryogenically Tempered

- MATERIAL: Cobalt/Molybdenum Alloy
- HANDLE: Rotating Ball Bearing Crane Grip
- TENSION: Ball Bearing Leaf Spring
- FINGER REST: Permanent
- THUMB: Sculpted
- ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Cryogenically Tempered
- Convex Edge
- Polymer Glide Pivot Glides