Sensei SFT15 SF Crane Handle 15T Japanese Steel Convex Edge Salon Texture Shears


The Sensei SF 15 Tooth Soft Texture Shear is great for creating natural looking texture quickly. It's also great for doing full hair cuts. You don't get square blocks from this new texture shear. The hair is cut in angled pieces that look a lot more like point cutting than other texture or channeling shears. The comfortable sculpted finger handle feels great on your hand and the anatomic thumb allows you to do most cutting techniques with your elbow down.

- 15 Teeth
- Convex Edge: The Smoothest Cutting Blade Design Available
- Crane Handle: Allows you to comfortably cut with your elbow down
- Anatomic Thumb for maximized ergonomics
- Leaf Spring Tension System
- Work Safe: Hand Open and Elbow Down
- Forged Japanese Steel: The best blade steel in the world

At Sensei Shear Systems, you don't have to spend the most to get the best:
Many of our customers wonder how we're able to provide prices that are lower than our competitors, especially considering the high-quality materials and designs that we offer. The answer is simple: Just as our Japanese shears are designed for a high level of performance, so is our business model