SENSEI TA550 Tao 5.5" Crane Handle Salon Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors


Tao is defined as: The eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality or The right manner of human activity. In short: THE WAY. Tao shears are THE WAY to do hair. They start with the most durable steel ever used to make a shear, American steel that was developed for the defence department. This MVC material is then sent to Japan to be fashioned into the sharpest shear ever! The durability of the material prompted us to put a 5 year edge warranty on Tao shears!

The ergonomic handle opens the hand and the broad thumb contact provides a sophisticated feel unlike other shears. This is simply the best shear we've ever made and we believe them to be a new standard for the discriminating hair artisFeatures:
- Convex Edge: The Smoothest Cutting Blade Design Available
- Polymer Glide: Glide Reduces Wear in the Pivot Area
- Work Safe: Hand Open and Elbow Down removable rest
- Removable Finger Rest
- Ball Berring Flat Line Tension System
- Crane Handle: Allows you to comfortably cut with your elbow down.
- 5 Year Edge Warranty

- MATERIAL: MVC Alloy USA (developed for the defence dept.)
- HANDLE: Crane Grip
- TENSION: FlatLine Locking Tension System
- FINGER REST: Removable
- LENGTHS: 5.5 inches, 6.25 Inches, 7 Inches
- THUMB: Elite Comfort Wide contact Sculpted Thumb
- Pivot:Polymer Glide Lined