Striker Ice Predator Floating Ice Fishing Jacket Gray/ Blue (3X-Large)


It Floats! The Predator Suit is for those that roam the open ice, always pushing, never stopping. You fear stagnation more than cold, with your enemy being sweat and bulk. Smarter than the rest of the pack, you understand that being cooler keeps you warmer in the long-run. Don't let the warmth rating of 7 fool you. Our warmth chart is different from the competitor's charts, so the Predator is still warmer than the best the competition has to offer. That is why the Predator still requires vents for when you are on the move. The Predator Jacket�s cross-flow ventilation system keeps you dry, and the 100g of THERMADEX� insulation keeps you warm without over-doing it. Perfect for those that roam the open ice in the most extreme temperatures but never stop to let the cold sink in. The Predator Jacket shares the same 320D Tussor Shell that our flagship Climate Jacket sports, so rest assured, there�s no storm it can�t weather. And with the SUREFLOTE� flotation-assist liner built in, you have a more than just a fighting chance to survive any thin ice. Staff Note: Our hugely successful Predator Jacket has been redesigned. The new style is easier on the eyes and offers some new tweaks and improvements, while retaining the features that made this style famous. Step out from the crowd and hook yourself up with the new Predator. This style will likely be oversold before the ice is thick enough to walk on, so don't wait.