Tenergy Smart Touchless Motion Sensor Vacuum 1.45 Gallon Trash Vac-Can

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Designed as both a high-powered stationary vacuum and as a touchless sensor trash can, the Touchless Plastic 1.45 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can is simply the smart solution for cleaning. No more bending and no more dustpans. Vacuum sensor will automatically start a timed vacuum cycle as your sweep debris towards its inlet. Debris is collected directly into the trash can and are emptied with other trash. The trash can is built with sensor lid and will open automatically with a wave of your hand. Comes with washable HEPA and air inlet filter to keep the air clean. Features: - Space saving with the 5.5L trash can and vacuum 2 in 1 design - No need to get your hands dirty with the touchless automatic sensor lid - Built-in vacuum with a sensor for automatic vacuum cycle without having to press buttons - Can be operated in manual mode or automatic mode - Easily remove the liner to replace trash bag and clean trash can


(No reviews yet) Write a Review