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Our Team

Loren Balkowitsch (Founder / Owner) was inspired to begin Give 5 while watching his sister-in-law battle breast cancer. Loren wanted to get off the sidelines and become more proactive in the fight against cancer. Slowly watching a loved one being taken away left him feeling helpless and frustrated. He wanted to help other families who are also dealing with the pain of losing someone that special. Under the Golf Tournament link above you can read about the amazing event Give 5 supports every year, Loren also was a co-founder of the Volkowitsch Open. Loren is the VP of Fundraising on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. His favorite part of working with the BCCF is working with amazing people who always put others first. He enjoys watching the funds raised directly impact the patients supported by the foundation.  Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation  Loren also serves on the North Dakota State Commission for National and Community Service Board

Josie Gienger (General Manager) 

Josie Gienger, the General Manager, is a dedicated professional known for her commitment to excellence in customer service and her passion for giving back to the community. Raised with strong values of community service by her grandmother and mother, Josie is motivated to instill these same values in her own children.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Josie is deeply devoted to her family life. At home, she balances her career with her role as a loving wife and mother, ensuring that her husband and their daughter and son receive the care and attention they deserve.

Recently, Josie achieved a significant milestone in her personal and professional journey by graduating Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice in 2024. This accomplishment reflects her commitment to lifelong learning and her dedication to enhancing her knowledge and skills.

Josie's educational background in Criminal Justice further enriches her role as General Manager, providing her with a well-rounded perspective that enhances her ability to navigate complex situations and contribute meaningfully to her work at Give 5 To Cancer. With her unwavering dedication to her work, her family, and her community, Josie Gienger exemplifies the values of compassion, dedication, and service in all aspects of her life.

Kalli Idyle Growing up my favorite memory was when my family member named Garth came to town and my family had met him at the hotel he was staying at. I remember the first time I saw him, I thought he looked so cool, he was covered in tattoos, he had a bald head, and a super dark goatee. I was playing in the pool with my siblings when Garth came over and sat on the pool ledge, I had wrapped my arms around his legs as he bounced me up and down in the water, and I can't remember a time that I laughed harder than that. Later my mother told us that he had cancer, and it was terminal. After finding out about his disease I had decided to donate my hair to Locks-of-Love in his honor, in the hopes that I could give him the wig that was made from my hair. I was seven when that happened, and unfortunately, he passed away not long after, but to this day I can still remember his face. I can still remember how truly kind and gentle of a person he was, and even now, he still inspires me to help others who are going through such a hard time. At Give 5, I have found the perfect place to help the way he has always inspired me to. Everyday I go into work I always remind myself that I am part of such an amazing cause, and I have him to thank for that.  

Sarah Hoffman was born and raised in North Dakota. A graduate of NDSU, she bleeds green and gold. With 10+ years of customer service experience, she knew working at Give 5 to Cancer would be just what she was looking for in a career. Sarah is no stranger to cancer as she has lost an uncle and a grandma to stomach cancer as well as having an aunt and her other grandma fight lung cancer. When asked why she wanted to work at Give 5 to Cancer, her answer was “it will be rewarding!”