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Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak D-Ring Grey Kit

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Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak D-Ring Grey Kit

Gain control in windy conditions and quickly turn in tight spots with the Advanced Elements Advancedtrak Kayak Rudder. This one size rudder kit is specifically designed for the AdvancedFrame line of kayaks. The kit includes adjustable foot pegs with added rudder control pedals, a rudder that is quick to install and remove, the AdvancedTrak Rudder Mount, and a rudder rigging kit. The Advancedtrak rudder kit includes all hardware and instructions for a clean and easy install to your kayak. If you paddle in windy conditions or moving water, adding a rudder to your kayak will give you more control and increase your enjoyment out on the water.


  • Add turning and tracking performance to Advanced Elements Convertible, AdvancedFrame, Expedition and Sport kayaks.
  • The AdvancedTrak works with all Advanced Elements models featuring the inner rib - Convertible (AE1007, AE1004), AdvancedFrame (AE1012), Sport (AE1017), DS-XL Series (AE1044) and Expedition (AE1009).
  • The AdvancedTrak Rudder Kit AE4005 includes the end cap rudder mount, glue, rudder, rigging kit, instructions, a set of AE4003 adjustable foot pegs and pedals.
  • All hardware and instruction for clean install are included
  • Easy to use