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Advanced Elements Summer Tanand Silver Shower Enclosure

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Advanced Elements_SS772
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Advanced Elements Summer Tanand Silver Shower Enclosure

Ready for your next joyride? Check out the Fishbone EX Inflatable SUP from Advanced Elements! This board features a sleek design, a patented displacement hull for maximum speed and unsurpassed tracking capability, these elements combine to optimize touring and racing performance. The 6" thick high-pressure drop-stitch construction gives this board an all-over stiffness that gives hard boards a run for their money, while the double layer outer skin offers unparalleled durability. Boasting a comfy traction pad and multiple d-rings for tying down gear, this board is ready for a full day of fun. Fast and easy set up, you'll be on the water in record time: simply unfold and inflate. If you're feeling the need for speed, look no further than the Advanced Elements Fishbone EX.


  • High pressure 6” thick drop-stitch material allows for ultra stiff performance
  • Raised board tip with Patented Displacement Hull Design increases performance
  • Double layer outer skin for superior durability
  • Large traction foam area for improved grip and comfort
  • Pump w/Pressure Gauge, Duffel Bag w/Shoulder Straps included