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Bagman Dunlop Men's 16" Snugboot Pioneer in Black

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Bagman Dunlop Men's 16" Snugboot Pioneer in Black

The Snugboot features a unique Purotex bootie that is made up of 4 layers to repel water, hold up to tears and wick moisture while still breathing to keep you comfortable. The lower portion of a Snugboot is Dunlop's long-lasting Purofort material to give you the durability you expect from Dunlop! Add to that, Snugboot's stability fix that reduces heel slip and it's all terrain outsole, making this the perfect boot for any activity!

  • Comfort rated down to -58°F
  • Purotex material to create the first waterproof & breathable upper portion
  • Purofort durability
  • Lightweight
  • All terrain slip resistant outsole
  • Stability fix to lock in your foot and reduce heel slip