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BATCADDY X9R Remote-Control Electric Golf Caddy Silver

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Introducing our new, Swiss Engineered, Ultra-Lightweight, Stealth Frame Design! The X9R features, Slim-Design Ultra-quiet motors, and inset battery tray weighing under 20lbs without the battery, and less than 25lbs with! This makes the BATCADDY X9R up to 30% lighter than the competition and combines BATCADDY’s industry leading battery technology for unmatched performance. The X9R is also equipped with our fully directional remote control, downhill speed control, and features all-new Electronic Parking Brake, Advanced Stability Geometry, "Forever" Wheel Treads, and 24v Advanced Lithium power package. The BATCADDY X9R is beautifully designed with every golfer in mind, allowing you to play better golf, and focus on your game, not your bag. WALK LIKE A PRO!