Bedinabox Tranquillium Bed Mattress Twin Size

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Go botanical and enjoy the multiple benefits of TENCEL® on one of our most popular memory foam mattresses. The Tranquillium, previously named Tranquility, is an American-made mattress for those who want the pressure relieving qualities memory foam is known for, but prefer a firm and supportive feel. Our CoolRest™ gel advanced memory foam quickly conforms to your body for pressure relief and support without letting you sink too far into the mattress. The TENCEL® cover is a performance fabric like no other, absorbing moisture completely and naturally, creating a cooler and more comfortable sleep. With more breathability than cotton, and a softer hand than silk, TENCEL® can be found anywhere from athletic wear to luxurious bedding. Nothing is dreamier than going to sleep on a bed made with TENCEL® fibers. As part of our Performance Series, the Tranquillium is packed with even more TENCEL® for all these amazing benefits!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review