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Give 5 to Cancer – Battling Cancer, One Sale at a Time

Give 5 to Cancer – Battling Cancer, One Sale at a Time

Posted by Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation on Oct 12th 2020

Give 5 to Cancer’s Mission: Helping those Battling Cancer, One Sale at a Time

Give 5 To Cancer Inc. was founded by Bismarck’s, Loren Balkowitsch, 8 ½ years ago after losing his sister-in-law, Missy Balkowitsch, to breast cancer. He wanted to start a business with a meaningful and positive social impact to help those battling the disease, “Nothing makes you realize life is fragile and too short when you lose someone you love, especially when that person is young themselves and had so much life yet to live. Once we lost Missy I decided that if I am going to wake up each day and go to a job I love, I wanted to wake up every morning and support something that was dear and close to my heart,” says Balkowitsch, “Missy had a love for life, a passion for each day and she told me before she passed to do something you love and to no settle, she changed my life for the better and I just want to pass her passion and spirit forward in the world.” Balkowitsch started the Volkowitsch Golf open 11 years ago in honor of Missy, who passed away shortly after. That event alone raised nearly $275,000 all in the name of helping those with cancer.

His business, Give 5 to Cancer, began as a simple idea of giving and is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality products and customer service while supporting their cancer cause. His business, Give 5 To Cancer, donates 5% of their total earnings of each purchase to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. “This is the first time since the inception of the company that the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation will be the sole beneficiary of our donations,” says Balkowitsch, “The decision was spurred by the need and the want of supporting our local cancer center and with the new addition and ever-rising cost of staying one of the most state of the art facilities in the nation. It was a no brainer!” 100% of the donations help support patient care through patient housing, gas cards, dietary counseling, massage therapy, spiritual and survivorship counseling at the Bismarck Cancer Center.

Balkowitsch credits his passion to help others on his upbringing by a single mom, “I was raised by a strong single mother, Sharon Balkowitsch, and she gave everything to her three boys, and went without many things to make sure we had everything we needed. She set the tone for my life, be happy with what you have, and when possible help other people, don’t be greedy, don’t be fake, tell it like it is, and just be a good human being,” he reflects, “That upbringing might not be the most traditional but it has served me very well.” Balkowitsch had a vision of not only donating monetarily, but also being as active as he could with the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. He is currently on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board and volunteers at many of the Foundation events including Masks in the Moonlight, Bucks for Bras, and Boxers ‘n Beer.

In his spare time, Balkowitsch enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and three sons ages 7, 11, and 13. He is a self-professed ‘type A personality’ and gives his wife credit for having patience, “My wife is a saint, as you can imagine I don’t sit still much and always have ideas and things in the works. I keep her on her toes and she is an amazing lady for the support she gives me.” Balkowitsch adds, “I get to come home and experience amazing blessings each day and I just want to give that opportunity to someone that is not as fortunate and that might be fighting for their life or fighting for a family member. Our community and it’s people are amazing and it takes all of us working together to make a difference and I am just so very grateful I can be a very small part of that team that goes above and beyond to give that chance for someone else to enjoy the blessing of life.” To support Give 5 to Cancer and its wonderful cause: