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Hush Blanket Luxuriously Soft White Weighted Robe in Large

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Hush Blanket Luxuriously Soft White Weighted Robe in Large

Hand-made in small batches using sustainably sourced 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk.Designed to stay cool, protect your hair, and leave your skin feeling soft and beautiful in the morning.Hush silk naturally leaves moisture in your skin and hair. Unlike cotton blend pillowcases or synthetic bamboo, hush silk will stay cool and clean 2x longer. Hydration is one of the leading causes of damaged skin/hair. Hush silk is designed to leave your skin and hair naturally soft and undamaged by not absorbing any bacteria or moisture from the body.


  • Perforated and handcrafted to be cool to the touch and ultra-breathable with constant air flow
  • Anti-face-wrinkle technology. Providing a safe and soft touch for your face all night long.
  • 100% antibacterial hush silk cover protects your skin from harmful toxins that store and build up in regular pillows (even after just one use)
  • Size: standard 20" x 26"
  • Oeko-tex certified. Made with ethically-sourced fibers that are sustainable and hypoallergenic