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Lab Golf Press II 1.5º Textured 10.5" Right Hand Synthetic PU Leather Putter Grip

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THE PROBLEM If you’ve ever tried to “forward press,” you know that you need to position your hands ahead of the ball for it to work — either at the address or at the moment of impact. It’s not an easy thing to learn or execute, but almost all the best golfers in the world do it because it helps them get their putts rolling faster and truer. Think of forward pressing like “hitting up” with your driver. With a forward shaft lean, it’s easier to create an upward putter swing at impact that encourages a faster forward ball roll (i.e. reduced skidding, backspin, etc.). THE SOLUTION Press Grips eliminate the need for golfers to consciously “forward press.” The forward lean of the putter shaft is established through the grip design, eliminating yet another variable in the putting stroke. We’re all about eliminating variables! P.S. The Press II 1.5 is also perfect for non-L.A.B. putters, although we’re not sure why you wouldn’t want to be using a putter that swings square all by itself. Just saying…