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New Sensei Shears Tao 7" Rotating Crane Handle Series 2 Flat Line Tension Shear

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A few years ago we were speaking to a friend who is a fellow shear maker, and one of the foremost experts in the world on Japanese swords. He told us of a new American made Carbide steel that had wear resistance statistics that were more than double that of any other material being used for shears. The challenges were many in order to make scissors from this material, but two years after starting the project we introduced the first TAO shear. Of course a shear made from this unique material, would need to have every other state of the art feature we could include. TAO has the entire pivot area inlaid with ultra smooth polymer. This eliminates metal to metal contact keeping the shear feeling and moving like new. The tension system employs sealed ball bearings to stabilize the blades and further extend the life of the shear. The Rotating TAO has ball bearings in the thumb as well to give it smooth rotation. The Molybdenum/Vanadium Carbide steel allows us to put a full 5 year warranty on the edge, along with the standard lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship every SENSEI shear enjoys. Because of the unique material and best features, we feel it could be argued TAO, is the finest shear in the industry. Each pair bears the mark of the proud craftsman who made it inside the blades. TAO also has a unique serial number so you can register your pair on our website. All shears come with FREE case. Models: TR550, TR625, TR700