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NEW Sensei SZT40 ZIP Crane Handle 40 Tooth Salon Hair Thinner / Blending Shear

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Sensei launches a high performance thinning shear with a pocket friendly price. The new Zip thinning shear will get you where you need to go. It's also available as True Lefty!

- Convex Edge: The Smoothest Cutting Blade Design Available
- Crane Handle with Removable Finger Rest
- Anatomic Thumb
- Reversible Leaf Spring Tension System
- Work Safe: Hand Open and Elbow Down
- Material: Duralite Alloy

At Sensei Shear Systems, you don't have to spend the most to get the best:
Many of our customers wonder how we're able to provide prices that are lower than our competitors, especially considering the high-quality materials and designs that we offer. The answer is simple: Just as our Japanese shears are designed for a high level of performance, so is our business model