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Rinehart Tabletop Anatomy Model

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Having the knowledge to identify the parts of a deer’s anatomy before setting out to bowhunt is vital to achieving an ethical shot. This is why Rinehart Targets, manufacturers of some of the finest archery targets in the world, continues to expand on its Brian Johnson Masterpiece Series. The recently introduced Rinehart Anatomy Shot Placement Model is designed to aid in bowhunter education.

The lightweight Anatomy Shot Placement Model stands 19.5 inches tall and 23 inches in length.

The new Anatomy Shot Placement Model is an expanded 3D likeness of a deer’s internal body cavity, displaying anatomically correct vital organs that will help bowhunters fully understand and identify perfect shot placement. The model features include everything from an accurately sized-and-shaped heart and lung cavity to its rib cage, liver and intestines.

Perhaps most notable is the model’s removable magnetic shoulder blade, which allows educators to quickly and easily remove and replace the bone to illustrate vitals hidden underneath, and how this bone can potentially hinder a clean shot. Rinehart has also predrilled arrow channels of common shots to demonstrate the path of the arrow and its effectiveness.

“We’re proud to offer products that will aid in hunter education and ethical shot placement before heading out in the field, many of which are doing for the first time,” said Rinehart Targets President James McGovern. “Our new Anatomy Shot Placement Model not only features incredible detail of a deer’s anatomy, but a 3D removable and magnetic shoulder blade to further pin-point perfect shot placement and hone ones shooting skills.”