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Saffire Bronze Grill/Smoker X-Large Ceramic 23" Onyx Black

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New Saffire Bronze Grill/Smoker X-Large Ceramic 23" Onyx Black

Saffire Bronze Series is built to cook searious BBQ for many years to come! The Bronze grill has all the features of our Platinum Series grills but implements powder coated steel hardware for an unbeatable low price. The top air control is heavy duty cast iron.

  • XL 23" Bronze, Onyx Black Grill with Cart – SGUB23-CGOB/KSC, Heavy Duty Ceramics with always-in-style, black fired-on glaze. Includes power-coated cart.
  • XL 23" Revolutionary Crucible Firebox (Bronze) (Patent Pending) – SGUC23-CFBG Eliminates common breakage – Faster Starting – Easiest Cleaning.
  • XL 23" Multi-Rack – SGES23-MR Multi-level cooking rack for versatility and increased capacity.
  • XL 23" Multi-Grids – SGES23-MG2 Two-piece cooking grids that work with the Multi-rack for additional versatility.